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[9/10] Places I Want to Visit: Berlin, Germany


T-ara - Sugar Free Dance Cover [x]

NyNy’s Top [2/3] K-Pop Females: Bekah

Going to Seoul [9월18일~19일] Cheonggyecheon and meeting Jay Park 

Going to Seoul [9월18일~19일] Cheonggyecheon and meeting Jay Park

Note: This will be a series of entries where I will be sharing with you my trip to Korea as well as tips, warnings and any information you want to know about while I was in Seoul last year. I’ll be using “we” because me and my friend @denzelwynter went on holiday together. A lot of people want to know what it was like to go to Korea…

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"Lotte World has an indoor and outdoor park filled with rides and entertainment. The best rides I recommend are over 18+ are French Revolution, Gyro Drop and Atlantis Adventure. I think everything on Lotte World is pretty self-explanatory if you read this."

NyNy’s Top (2/3) Eastern Food: Katsu Curry

"When game journalists especially from sites like kotaku and IGN review or put spotlight on a game, they should try and focus on least popular ones. It could really help a lot especially with people still discovering games on mobile that could be worth playing."

30 Day Video Game Challenge | Day 4: Your guilty pleasure game

It was between this and Grand Theft Auto but in this game, you’re straight on the battlefield ready to fight and I relieve stress playing it.

"That’s why the internet has now become one of the industry’s most useful sources to promote their idols but also the scariest place to become the public’s pet. The companies can use the internet to their advantage but the idols are still in the palm of a fan or netizens hand."

[8/10] Places I Want to Visit (again): Brussels, Belguim