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[3/7] Places I Want To Go To:  Sydney, Australia

"Basically people always long for the past and can’t handle change, regardless of what their personal favourite eras are. and they always romanticize the past."
— NyNyOnline commenter on Why do we hold onto idols for so long?


NyNy Loves [x] Skater Skirts

"Bare in mind, If you’re going to see idols at Incheon airport, just remember that going back and forth to Incheon costs about 6000₩/£3.52"

30 Day J-Pop Challenge | Day 1: Your favourite J-Pop group

The one and only.

【NyNy】Goodnight Kiss (전효성 from 시크릿)【댄스 커버】 

Going to Seoul [9월14일~15일] Sky Festival & Insadong 

Going to Seoul [9월14일~15일] Sky Festival & Insadong

Note: This will be a series of entries where I will be sharing with you my trip to Korea as well as tips, warnings and any information you want to know about while I was in Seoul last year. I’ll be using “we” because me and my friend @denzelwynter went on holiday together. A lot of people want to know what it was like to go to Korea…

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"I still believe they should have scrapped Brad and replaced him with CJ and he could have been the link that I wanted – Franklin is CJ’s son. In the ten years that happened to CJ, he could have gone broke and desperate and met with Trevor and Michael. It would have panned out pretty well as Michael was born in mid/late 60′s and even Trevor’s age is unknown, CJ could still have been somewhere in between or younger than them and would have had Franklin before the failed heist. It may have bought some wimpy father-son moments that other players would have complained about but oh well."

NyNy’s Top 3 Berryz Koubou Dolls | Credit to the gif/pic creators 

"Just by walking around Hongdae, I realised one of the many stereotypes that people told me were not true. I was told that the ahjummas and ahjussis were going to look down on tourists – which never happened. Me and Ash were told that they would stare, touch my hair and skin without my permission. But as soon as I got there, the first person who helped us was an ahjussi who took us to the guesthouse and complimented me on my Korean."