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"The way I see it when you present yourself to an audience with entertainment, you’re going to want to awe people and get acknowledged for it more than the next person who did the same dance. But people don’t really seem to care about that anymore. For most YouTubers, it’s about uploading first (within a few hours to a day) and that’s something I hate. Then again these days, people just want to be first in something."

30 Day Video Game Challenge | Day 2: Your favourite character

This was a hard decision. There’s so many characters that I like but I chose the character I love and play the most out of one of my top 5 game series.

The Internet: Exposing your idol 

[4/7] Places I Want To Go To: Florence & Rome, Italy

NyNy’s Top 3 Wonder Girls Very Best | Credit to the gif/pic creators

"Fans who hold onto idols like that are way too deep into their own fantasy and see an attachment."

30 Day K-Pop Challenge | Day 1: Favourite K-Pop guy group


I’m surprised and disappointed that TFL hasn’t put multilingual announcements and ticket facilities especially in the underground. There are people from so many cultures and backgrounds visiting or living London that I don’t understand why the city doesn’t have multilingual facilities.

Go to a place like Seoul where they have their own language but they still provide multilingual facilities for tourists that come into their country in English, Chinese and Japanese. Wouldn’t it be great to put more languages into the underground announcements so people don’t get confused? What about French, Chinese or even Polish? It’d help a lot of tourists for sure.


NyNy’s Top 3 ℃-ute Diamonds | Credit to the gif/pic creators 

"YouTubers look like they haven’t perfected the dance and look like they are going to make a lot of mistakes. But hardly any users comment on these problems, it is the usual comments of “You’re good!” and striving to be noticed first and get the most views that matters more to people."