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"The only other problem is there are still gamers in this generation who have a sheep mentality – follow the trend of what other gamers find to be the best games and agree or disagree with their opinions."

NyNy’s Top (5/5) Game Series: Mass Effect

[Shoutout] Mon Chaton 


Everyone is always wondering where to get cheap, zakka stationery and while ordering from eBay sellers is an option, some people want a local place to go to.

I decided to call the shop “Mon Chaton.” A French term of endearment meaning “My kitten”.

Well now there’s Mon Chaton in London.


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"When favourable and most voted opinions on an idol or a company spread, there is a sheep mentality to listen to another person’s convincing view of what they think and agree."

30 Day K-Pop Challenge | Day 2: Favourite K-Pop girl group

Despite being on hiatus and doing individual activities, they are still my favourite.


Ash bought up something in the vlog that I found very interesting: why aren’t there any public bins in Korea? Which is true, the only bins we found were near train stations, coffee shops or public toilets.

Looking online, I found out these are the reasons why:
1. There were some terrorist threats years ago (like mail bombs only trash bombs) and that’s why there’s no trash cans.
2. The cities employee tons of elderly to go around and pick up litter, so they don’t bother with trash cans
3. The environmentally conscious citizens of Korea take their trash with them so they can sort it for recycling later.


NyNy’s Top (1/3) Western Food: Pizza

Is innovation what we need? 

Is innovation what we need?


Are gamers really killing video games with their talk of innovation in the industry? It’s a questionable theory that has been brought up recently in the game industry but one that can be seen as part of the problem with the development of the video game industry: but are video gamers single-handedly destroying the industry with their “protests of rage” to have more innovation when most don’t…

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"without realising to someone of a different race how offensive it is to them is disrespectful. The Korean entertainment industry really needs to work on acknowledging what is wrong with how their actions reflect their audiences especially on the internet."

30 Day J-Pop Challenge | Day 2: Your ultimate J-Pop bias

Way before Morning Musume, she was the first of the K.U.N.A. (I made that acronym by the way) queens I found through Final Fantasy with the song “Real Emotion”.

  • (Queen) Koda Kimi