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A friend recommended me this show a month ago and it has to be one of the best variety shows I’ve watched. It’s a show that discusses topics deeming whether they are normal or abnormal and it’s also English subbed so that’s even better. There’s 11 representatives from 11 different countries with the majority coming from Europe. Many of the people who are on the show either work in the…

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"We can’t ignore that something like this was going to happen someday however. The roads are developed but there are so many risks in Korea that you never know what is going to happen. Even though the cause of the accident was during Koreas rainforest season, it goes to show how bad and dangerous the roads can be. Not just idols but everyone in Korea has a risk of being in an accident like that."
NyNyOnline, Does it take a death?


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Expectations for Mass Effect 4 

Expectations for Mass Effect 4


Bioware has got to really impress their Mass Effect fans if they ever release a fourth instalment to their fans. After finally completing the trilogy this year, I’ve noticed how the ending can really raise a lot of questions and leave a lot of people wanting things to be resolved, not unanswered just to play a new game.


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"Sasaengs are a big problem for example. They will follow idols in taxis need to be punished because their actions could lead to an idols death. All because they want to get their attention."
NyNyOnline, Does it take a death?

30 Day K-Pop Challenge | Day 4: Your ultimate K-Pop girl bias 

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"Since a lot of the Korean Confucian ideals and doctrines as well as the culture and traditions derive from Joseon and left a substantial legacy to modern Korea, it’d probably be a good way for people interested in Korean culture and history to play this game."
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"Joseon is probably a good start as it is an era studied often and used at times in historical dramas. It would be good if Koei started from the end of the Goryeo Dynasty leading to the dividing royal court between General Yi Seonggye (King Taejo) and General Choe for supporting an old dynasty and creating a new dynasty. It seems that during this time there was a few battles that encountered in order for Taejo to ascend the throne in 1392."
NyNyOnline, A Joseon Warriors, Koei?

NyNy’s Top (2/5) Game Series: Dynasty Warriors | Gif credit to: dynasty-warriors